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Title: Time to Go to Work
Artist: [personal profile] nan
Fandom - Character: Harry Potter - ...Harry Potter. XD
Rating: G
Summary: I went to watch the final HP movie and it really ignited my interest in this fandom! Young auror Harry is about to go take care of some dark wizards. \o/


( Fake cut to my journal )

arobynsung: an art piece with two women facing away and standing side by side (art: femmeslash)
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Title: One Cloudy Autumn
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Luna/Ginny
Warnings: Partial nudity
Summary: Ginny stares, half bewitched, half uncertain, completely entranced, by Luna. Or... or is it a water nymph that looks like her.
Artist's Notes: I took a painting that you might know pretty well (Hylas and the Nymphs) and tried to transform it into a femmeslash piece.


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